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About Paul

Paul Costoff is an aspiring minimalist, traveler, and author of the novel “Welcome to Your Life.”

Paul grew up just outside of Richmond, Illinois and like one of the protagonists in his first novel, once worked at a gas station on the edge of his tiny home town. He also cut the grass in the local cemetery, sold furniture, ran a sub shop, tended bar, drove a truck, planted trees, and taught high school social science for about fifteen years. Paul has three pretty cool adult children and a great wife.

For Paul, writing fiction is a compelling way to consider some of the bigger questions about life, the choices we face, and how we make our decisions. 


These days, Paul makes his home in tangier, morocco where he is teaching, exploring, and working on his next novel. If you find yourself in Tangier, send him an email or a message on facebook. He just might be able to meet you in a cafe to sip some mint tea, have a conversation, and spend a little time watching the world go by.

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